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Home inspection worth it

Are home inspections a good investment?

APR 28, 2024
A home inspection is an investment. Whether you're a home buyer, home seller or home owner having a thorough home inspection with a clear and complete report will return you money. Each home that I inspect in Kanata, Ottawa or the surrounding area leads to peace of mind for you and the knowledge that results in tangible savings. Sellers getting a pre-listing home inspection can mitigate concern...
Home Inspector Picture of a burst pipe Home Inspection In Toronto Murat Tibet

Exploring the Drips and Drops: What Causes Plumbing Leaks in a Home and How a Home Inspector Can Help

OCT 13, 2023
Exploring the Drips and Drops: What Causes Plumbing Leaks in a Home and How a Home Inspector Can Help Introduction Plumbing leaks can wreak havoc on your home, causing structural damage, mold growth, and expensive repairs. Fortunately, a professional home inspector can be your ally in identifying these issues before they become major problems. In this blog, we'll delve into the common causes of...
Damaged shingle on the rood of home during a home inspection - Newmarket Home Inspector

Roof Inspection as Part of a Home Inspection

AUG 15, 2022
Roof Inspection as Part of a Home Inspection Your home’s roof performs multiple functions, the main one being to keep mother nature out. Rain, snow and ice can cause serious damage to your home. A roof inspection as part of a home inspection from a certified home inspector will ensure that you know the current condition of your home’s roof and you can take measures to maintain its integrity avo...
Home Inspector Marc Paterson Toronto - Picture of an Asbestos wrapped pipe in a 1930's home.

Asbestos in the Home - Home Inspection

JUN 13, 2022
Why it's important to know if there's asbestos in your home The thought of asbestos being present in a prospective home can cause a lot of concern. Your home inspector can help you navigate this troubling issue. While the presence of asbestos is something that needs to be taken seriously it doesn't need to send you running out the door. As most people already know asbestos can cause lung cancer...
Asbestos abatement after Marc Paterson Home Inspector Toronto identified asbestos

What Products Contain Asbestos?

MAY 09, 2022
What products contain asbestos? Asbestos is commonly found in various materials that were used to build homes between the 1930’s to the 1950’s. It was not officially banned in Canada until around 1980 so it can still be found in homes built after 1950 but it is not as common. Asbestos-containing building materials can include: [Zonolite Asbestos Containing Insulation] [Asbestos In Ceiling Tiles...
Picture of a house with the questions of weather or not to get a pre listing home inspection

Pre Listing Home Inspections

APR 06, 2022

With the red hot sellers market we are in it can be nearly impossible to get a home inspection as a buyer. Sadly this has lead to grief for many home buyers. There is however some hope for buyers and that comes in the form of the pre listing or pre sale home inspection.

What is a pre sale home inspection? This is a home inspection performed by a home inspector for the buyers and is often done to...

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8 ways home inspection can prevent costly repairs

JUL 15, 2021

8 ways home inspection can prevent costly repairs

Home inspections are a visual examination of a home from roof to basement. Buying a house is an earnest investment. Before you purchase a home, one of the main things you should consider is to be evaluated by a professional home inspector.

It’s an essential step in the home purchase process that notifies buyers of what they need to consider before...

Home Inspector Corey Hewitt Image of a hot water boiler

Home Inspection of Hot Water Boilers

JUN 17, 2020

Overview of Hot Water Boilers Hot water boilers have been used for decades and can be found in both old and newer homes. The primary difference to a common gas or electric furnace is that water is heated and distributed throughout the home in pipes and radiators instead of forced air flow. The heat source is typically electric, oil, wood, gas or propane and may include supplemental solar heating. ...

Home Inspector Pedro picture of water pooling in a  flat roof due poor drainage with thermal image

Roof maintenance

MAY 01, 2020

A roof of a house is designed to protect the building from weather invasion like rain, wind, snow and hail and against falling objects. Without proper maintenance or a regular roof inspection, minor problems can become disastrous. There are many ways to cause a roof to leak or fail. Here are some common problems that can affect roofs

Flashing failure Flashing problems can happen to any kind of roo...

Home Inspector Picture of Radiator Newmarket and Oackville

Radiators: Steam versus Water A Home Inspector Perspective

APR 12, 2020

Overview of Boilers Both older and newer homes I have found boiler heating in use. The term boiler is generally applied to systems that transfer radiant heat throughout a home using water/steam as opposed to circulating forced air convection heat like a furnace. The name is left over from the days when all in home radiant heating systems used steam.

Both steam and hot water boilers are commonly fo...

Home Inspectors Pedro picture of a wet molds window in a home representing toxic mold that can be found in the house

Toxic Mould In Homes

FEB 03, 2020

There have been 270 species of mould identified in Canada. Health Canada recommends that all mould, regardless of species be cleaned and that the underlying problems which enabled the growth of the mould should be dealt with immediately, to prevent potential health issues. Mould needs moisture and organic material to start and thrive. Leaky pipes, roofs, or windows can provide the moisture it tak...

Picture taken by a home inspector Newmarket Jamie Lusted of coils of an electric furnace

Electric Furnace as part of your Home Inspection

JAN 28, 2020

How do electric furnaces work?

Here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) our homes’ heating equipment is vital. Not only will it keep our loved ones warm and prevent catastrophes such as burst pipes, our HVAC system is also one of our biggest contributors to monthly expenses and a costly system to replace in the home. Having a clear understanding the system you have, its maintenance requirements and ...

Home Inspector on Heat Pumps

NOV 27, 2019

Home Inspector Overview of Heat Pumps

In recent years, heat pumps have become more and more common as an economical and environmentally friendly option to both heat and cool your home. They are referred to as geothermal heating when the outside source is in ground. Our home inspectors are trained to help you understand heat pumps, their benefits and potential concerns.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat p...

Home Inspectors on Heating the Home

OCT 15, 2019

Yes, its that time of year when we are turning on the heat. Most of us are familiar with the common gas furnace but as a home inspector, I see all types of heating types. Over the next couple of months, I will be posting about other types of heating that homebuyers can expect to run into when looking at homes.

Electric Furnace as part of your Home Inspection

How do electric furnaces work?

Here ...

Ron Wiseman Home Inspector Oakville

SEP 05, 2019

Inspec Homes Home Inspectors would like to welcome our newest home inspector to join the team, Ron Wiseman, Home Inspector Oakville. Ron Wiseman was born in Oakville, Ontario. His family moved to Mississauga where he was raised. Upon starting his own family Ron and his wife decided to move back to Oakville to set down their roots. Ron is our home inspector in Oakville and the surrounding area, a...

Home Inspection of Air Conditioners

JUL 19, 2019

This home inspector knows how important AC on these hot and humid summer days. It is important for the home buyer to know the state of the AC before they move it. Home inspectors will inspect AC as part of the home inspections.

Overview of Air Conditioners

Although not essential to a home climate system in Canada, air conditioners are found in nearly every home to combat the inevitable heat wav...

It's time to Inspect your Deck

MAY 10, 2019

Decks are exposed to all the elements from outside including rain, snow, wind, heat, and cold. You will want to give your deck a tune up to keep it from deteriorating.

If you have an older deck that needs some fixing up - where do you start? If the wood and support footings on the deck are still in good shape, it’s likely that a few fixes will do the trick. However, if the deck shows signs of rot ...

Winter Heater Preparations by Inspec Homes Home Inspectors

NOV 26, 2018

So your home repair list didn’t get completed again this summer. Instead of lamenting the list and beating yourself up why not just go another route? Move on and concentrate on important items to be completed in preparation for winter.

Furnaces are real workhorses throughout the winter months and home owners should make it a point to have an annual heating system inspection and service visit from ...

Jamie Lusted is our Home Inspector in Newmarket

SEP 11, 2018

Inspec Homes Home Inspections is proud to announce that Jamie Lusted is joining our team of home inspectors. Jamie will be a home inspector in the Newmarket and Aurora area. He brings to the team extensive knowledge and experience he gained working in the construction industry for the past 15 years. Jamie has built numerous homes and has done countless renovations, and he is excited to apply his kn...

Ken Jackett is our New Home Inspector in Prince Edward County

AUG 19, 2018

Inspec Homes Home Inspections would like to welcome our newest home inspector, Ken Jackett to the team. Although new to us Ken as a home inspector, he has been working as a home inspector for over five years serving the Trenton, Prince Edward, and surrounding areas. Ken will continue to serve these areas moving forward and we are very excited to add his knowledge and experience to our team.

Ken Ja...

Home Inspector Prospective on Roofs

JUL 05, 2018

A roof of a house is designed to protect the building from weather invasion like rain, wind, snow and hail and against falling objects. Without proper maintenance or a regular roof inspection, minor problems can become disastrous. There are many ways to cause a roof to leak or fail. Here are some common problems home inspectors fine that can affect roofs:

Flashing failure: Flashing problems can ha...

A Home Inspector's guide to Painting your Home

JUN 14, 2018

As home inspectors we see it all the time, whether you are getting your house ready to sell or move into your new home, painting is top of the list of things to do. Let’s first talk about the seller. In this situation, people are typically painting their house as a low cost option to give it a fresh look and hopefully bring in some extra money on the sale of the home. If done properly it works li...

Home Inspector Reminder - Check your Gutters

MAY 03, 2018

Spring weather is finally here and with it the rain. Most people don’t like the rain but we all know it brings with is good things, flowers, green grass, and all the things that make summer so beautiful. However, there is one other good thing rain can help with and that is letting you know if your gutters are working properly. After a long harsh Toronto winter with lots of snow and ice and gutters ...

Spring Home Inspection Market 2018

APR 23, 2018

The home inspection market has completely turned around from last springs crazy real estate market. This time last year Toronto and the GTA saw the hottest real estate market ever and with every home getting multiple offers the home inspection market was anything but hot.

This spring, however, is a different story, with home prices falling it’s become a buyers market and that means people can once...

Finding The Best Home Inspector or Home Inspection Team

MAR 11, 2018

Buying a new home is stressful enough and then add to the mix all the people who help you, your real estate agent, your mortgage agent, your lawyer, and your home inspector. Choosing the right people for the job can make a huge difference. Here a few tips to help you choose the best home inspector for your new home purchase.

Many people will have homes inspectors referred to them by their real e...

Residential Home Inspector Tips For Preparing For Spring

MAR 03, 2018

As home inspectors, we see the first hand all the issues the come with the warmer weather. It’s important to prepare your home as much as possible. With temperatures set to start rising, the ice and snow that has built up over the winter will start melting and in some cases causing problems. Here are some tips on how to get ready for this without experiencing roof and basement leaks and other unfor...

Winter Thaw And The Best Homes Inspector

FEB 23, 2018

Even the best home inspector cannot predict how a home will behave in extreme conditions. This rapid winter thaw has created flooding problems are across Ontario and basements everywhere that are normally dry are suddenly flooding with water. The rapid onset of warm weather melted the snow on top of the still frozen ground. This leads to extreme water pooling in places that water would not normally...

Home Inspectors On Roof Maintenance

FEB 08, 2018

The roof of a home is one of the most important parts of the home. As home inspectors, we know that the home inspections is probably the only time someone will inspect the roof. He is an overview of the roof and some of the common problem they have.

A roof of a house is designed to protect the building from weather invasion like rain, wind, snow and hail and against falling objects. Without proper...

Wet Basement Problems

JAN 24, 2018

Wet basements are a common issue especially in older homes. That damp feeling and musty smell are a sure indication of water infiltration and mold growth. Now, when I say water infiltration that doesn’t have to mean a giant crack in the foundation or a huge visible leak, although these things do qualify. The more common culprit are small cracks in the foundation or gaps between the foundation and ...

Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Home

DEC 15, 2017

Is your home ready for winter? Snow, ice, and cold weather are part of life in Canada during the winter. Every year we prepare for winter, for ourselves, we break out our warm clothes and lip balms, for our cars we change over to snow tires and stock up on -40°C washer fluid, but what about for our homes?

There are a number of things big and small we can do to ensure our homes stay protected ove...

Why Its Important To Change Your Furnace Filter

NOV 29, 2017

Air filters don't just help to improve the air quality in your home, they protect your heating system equipment from damage and improve its performance. It is the most important maintenance task for optimizing your heating system's energy efficiency. Energy savings, lower utility bills, and better indoor air quality are the three greatest benefits that you’ll enjoy when you replace your dir...

Thousands of Condos, Millions in Repair Bills

OCT 27, 2017

This is a reader's digest version of an information website called kiteccrusader.ca regarding defective kitec plumbing products. Kitec is a flexible, plastic-wrapped aluminum pipe with brass fittings and can be easily identified by its bright color. Some popular brands for Kitec pipes are: Kitec, PlumbBetter, IPEX AQUA, Warm Rite, Kitec XPA, AmbioComfort, XPA, KERR, Controls, and Plomberie Amel...

Home Inspector picture of person holding insulation with asbestos in it

Is There Asbestos In Your Home?

OCT 02, 2017

Is There Asbestos In Your Home?

As home inspectors we see asbestos all the time. Infact homes built before the 1980’s are very likely to have materials in them that contain asbestos. Asbestos can be found in a variety of products including but not limited to, roof shingles, siding, vermiculite insulation, ceiling tiles and coating, popcorn ceilings, Drywall and cement sheets, plasters, putties, ...

I'm Just Venting

SEP 25, 2017

Proper ventilation of your homes attic and roof are very important for its health. Mold, ice damning, and water infiltration are all symptoms of poor ventilation. Most people think people think when it comes to proper ventilation more is better, but as can been seen in this picture too much venation can also cause issues too. All these extra protrusions can shorten the life of your roof, and increa...

Home Inspectors Issue Cold Weather Alert!

SEP 22, 2017

Winter is coming and with it water damage. I see it every year, people forget to shut off and drain the water supply to their hose bibs. As seem in the picture a slow leak caused ice to build up and around the the hose bib. This can cause the pipes to burst and when the weather warms up the flooding starts. If you don't fix problems like this they can lead to major flooding in your home. As p...

Home Inspectors with Thermal Imagers See More

SEP 22, 2017

While doing a home inspection in Keswick I noticed something strange on my thermal imager (see picture) you notice these things all to often during home inspections and it makes me wonder how home inspectors who don't use thermal imagers find problems like this. The floor in this case was not wet, in fact in was barely damp, but the cooling effect of water evaporating from the ground wasn't...