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Why Choose A Home Inspector From Inspec Homes Home Inspectors?

The home inspectors at Inspec Homes have completed a specialized education program at an accredited college, specifically designed for home inspectors, and All Inspec Homes home inspectors are fully insured and certified. Our home inspectors are trained by Inspec Homes own master certified home inspectors and combined have over 25 years of experience in the home inspection field. Our home inspectors do thousands of home inspections a year and with every home inspection our knowledge continues to grow. When you choose Inspec Homes home inspector, your inspector always backed by the collective knowledge and support of our entire team. Our home Inspectors will educate you about your home,or future home, and give you the knowledge you need to feel confident in your decision. We are committed to providing high quality home inspections with detailed reports, and great customer service. We also an online platform to book, pay, and view your inspection so you will never miss your inspection or misplace your report. We offer a variety of home inspection services, see below for more details.

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Home Inspector Services

Home Inspector Newmarket picutre of a residential home in a newmarket representing a home that a home inspector would inspect

Residential Home Inspection

A residential or pre-purchase Home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of the all visible and readily accessible components of a home. The Home inspector will inspect components including, but not limited to, Plumbing, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Electrical, Structure, and, Interior and Exterior.
Home Inspector Oakville a picute of a home for sale sign with a blured home in the background representing pre-listing house a home inspector would inspecet prior to listing

Pre-Listing Inspections

A pre-sale Home Inspection is the same as a residential home inspection except the home inspector is performing the inspection for the seller not the buyer. In today’s real estate market homes often sell without buyers getting the chance to add a condition for a home inspection.
Home Inspector Keswick picute of a wood burning firplace with white brick border representing a fireplace that a home inspector would do a WETT inspection on

WETT Inspection

A WETT inspection is Fireplace or Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inspection and can only be performed by WETT certified home inspectors. During a WETT inspection the home inspector ensures that the fireplace meets current standards. WETT inspections are required by your home insurance provider for all fireplaces that are to be operations by the home owner.
Home Inspector Bowmanville picute of a commercial building representing what a home inspector would do a commercial inspection on

Commercial Inspections

Our home inspectors also perform commercial property inspections. Like a residential home inspection, a commercial inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of the all visible and readily accessible components of the property.
Home Inspector Toronto a picture of a condo buidlign in down town Toronto that a home inspector would do an inspection on

Condo Home Inspection

A condo inspection is similar to a residential home inspection. The main difference is that the home inspector will focus on the interior components of the condo unit. The home inspector will identify all major components and assesses their condition in a detailed home inspection report.
Home Inspector Belleville a picture of the interior of a home undergoing a renovation representing the type of situation a home inspector would do a renovation deficiency inspection on

Renovation Deficiency

Sometimes the contractors you hire to do your renovation are not all they're cracked up to be. If you have or think you have issues as a result of poorly done renovations let us know. Our home inspectors will inspect the work and provide a detailed report that will identify deficiencies so you can make sure problems are fixed and the work is done right. If you are thinking about having a renovation done give us a call and we can recommend qualified and trusted contracted for every job.
Home Inspector Newmarket a picture of a subdivision being build representing a new home that a home inspector would do a Tarion Home Warranty  Inspection on

Tarion Warranty New Home Inspection

Buying a new home does not guarantee that is was built properly. Similar to a residential home inspection our home inspectors will perform a top to bottom inspection of your new home. The main difference is that the home inspector will also document and comment on any cosmetic details for your Tarion warranty report.
Home Inspector Oakville a thermal image picture of an electrical panel showing the types of defects a home inspector can detect with a  thermal imager that you can not see with the naked eye

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

Thermal imaging can be included for an extra charge with any home inspection. It is such an important tool we also offer it as a stand alone inspection. A thermal imager uses infrared technology and helps the home inspector find issues that the human eye cannot see.

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Home Inspector Blog

Damaged shingle on the rood of home during a home inspection - Newmarket Home Inspector

Roof Inspection as Part of a Home Inspection

Roof Inspection as Part of a Home Inspection Your home’s roof performs multiple functions, the main one being to keep mother nature out. Rain, snow and ice can cause serious damage to your home. A roof inspection as part of a home inspection from a certified home inspector will ensure that you know the current condition of your home’s roof and you can take measures to maintain its integrity avo...
Home Inspector Marc Paterson Toronto - Picture of an Asbestos wrapped pipe in a 1930's home.

Asbestos in the Home - Home Inspection

Why it's important to know if there's asbestos in your home The thought of asbestos being present in a prospective home can cause a lot of concern. Your home inspector can help you navigate this troubling issue. While the presence of asbestos is something that needs to be taken seriously it doesn't need to send you running out the door. As most people already know asbestos can cause lung cancer...
Asbestos abatement after Marc Paterson Home Inspector Toronto identified asbestos

What Products Contain Asbestos?

What products contain asbestos? Asbestos is commonly found in various materials that were used to build homes between the 1930’s to the 1950’s. It was not officially banned in Canada until around 1980 so it can still be found in homes built after 1950 but it is not as common. Asbestos-containing building materials can include: [Zonolite Asbestos Containing Insulation] [Asbestos In Ceiling Tiles...

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Corey Hewitt Home Inspector Kanata

Corey Hewitt Home Inspector Kanata

Inspec Homes would like to welcome our newest member of the team, Corey Hewitt, home inspector, Kanata, ON. Corey comes to us with a wealth of practical experience in all aspects of residential home inspections from his many years working as skilled labor and private contractor on large renovation and new residential construction projects all over Ottawa. Originally from the Ottawa Valley, Core...