Home Inspector Reminder - Check your Gutters

MAY 03, 2018

Spring weather is finally here and with it the rain. Most people don’t like the rain but we all know it brings with is good things, flowers, green grass, and all the things that make summer so beautiful. However, there is one other good thing rain can help with and that is letting you know if your gutters are working properly. After a long harsh Toronto winter with lots of snow and ice and gutters have been used and abused and may not be working as well as they were last year.

Most gutters are galvanized steel, but you can find all kinds from copper to plastic. The most common problem with gutters whatever the type is leakage. Leakage will occur with metal gutters as they rust though, and all gutters are prone to leakage at the joints and seams. Water building up in the gutter on a mild winter day expands when temperatures drop back down and the water freezes and this is a common cause of leaking joints and seams. Another cause of leaking gutters is missing end caps and poor connects to downspouts. If the leak from your gutters is large enough it can cause damage to the walls, fascias, and soffits, and if your property does not have proper grading leaks from the gutter can ultimately make their way into your basement.

So the home inspector tip of the spring is for you to walk around the exterior of your property the next time it rains and make sure gutters are not leaking. Better yet, hire a home inspector from Inspec Homes Home Inspections to not only check your gutters but your entire house. As home inspectors, we are always here to help.

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