Picture of a house with the questions of weather or not to get a pre listing home inspection

Pre Listing Home Inspections

APR 06, 2022

With the red hot sellers market we are in it can be nearly impossible to get a home inspection as a buyer. Sadly this has lead to grief for many home buyers. There is however some hope for buyers and that comes in the form of the pre listing or pre sale home inspection.

What is a pre sale home inspection? This is a home inspection performed by a home inspector for the buyers and is often done to help make buyers feel confident that there are no major or undisclosed issue with the property. The downside of this pre sale inspection for the buyer is that the home inspector represent that seller and they don't have any obligation to the buyer. In theory this should not matter however is it recommended that if you are lucky enough to be purchasing a house where the seller has provided a home inspection report that you research or try to contact the home inspector to see if you can gain as much insight as possible. After all this is a major invested and any knowledge that helps you make an informed decision if very valuable especially with prices as high as they are today.

Should you get a pre listing home inspection if you are looking to sell you home? Absolutely yes! Time and time again homes that have a pre listing home inspection report available for prospective buyers get more offers with less conditions. In a sale with multiple offers, people are afraid to put in an offer with a condition for a home inspection but also nervous to buy with out getting one. A pre listing home inspection puts these buyers minds at ease and gives them the confidence to move forward with an offer. We all know, the more offers you get the higher the sale price.

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