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Home Inspection Franchise Locations

Inspec Homes is currently selling franchises in ontario. Our main area of focus is currently in the GTA and Ottawa and their surrounding areas. Our franchises are broken up into locations (territories) that consist of 150,000 people. We ensure this by following the Ontario voting districts which are created by dividing Ontario up into areas based on the population of the area being at least 150,000. For more information about a specific home inspection franchise in your area please contact us.

Investment: Home Inspection Franchise Initial Investment And Royalty Fee

This is what sets us apart. At Inspec homes Home inspections we offer franchises with low startup costs and a royalty fee that drops as you grow your business. If you are already a home inspector or are looking to be part of the Inspec Homes team please contact us for more information about our special offers

Franchise Fee
Working Captial Required
$8,000 to $12,000
Total Initial Investment
$22,999 to $26,999

Inspec Homes is totally transparent about our start up costs and fee’s, we have zero hidden costs.

What Is Included In Inspec Homes Royalty Fee Will Blow You Away!

Inspec Homes royalty fee starts at 10% but it includes so much more than other home inspection franchisor’s royalty fee. What makes an Inspec Homes Home Inspection Franchise better than the rest is how we use technology to make payments and money transferring easy. First, we have online payment processing so clients can pay via credit card, and when they pay with e-transfer or cash, you simply input that information, and our web application does the rest. When you use our web application payment system the payment for the home inspection payment is automatically transferred into your bank account, and the royalty fee is automatically deducted from the inspection fee. This means you don’t have to waste time and energry tracking this information and constantly be worried about sending monthly royalty fee payments. Our Web application truly saves you time and money.

With other home inspection franchises the royalty fee does not include online payments. The option to have online payments is something that you have to set up on your own and it would cost you 3% per in transaction fee’s in addition to your royalty fee. With other home inspection franchises you also have to track what you owe in royalty fee’s and send it over monthly which is more work for you as the home inspector. Many of the other home inspector franchises also charge monthly or yearly fees for advertising and marketing. They often also have contracts that only last 3 to 5 years and then they make you renew and charge another fee for that. With Inspec Homes we have no hidden or additional ongoing charges and you never have to renew your contract.

No other home inspection franchise includes so much in their royalty fee but we didn’t stop there. Our home inspector web application offers so much more and it’s all included in your franchise and royalty fee. If you become a home inspector and learn about the industry you will hear about ISN (Inspection Support Network) this is a software that most home inspection franchises will make you use so they can track how many inspections you do. The ISN software does have some value but it costs you an additional 1% per home inspection and it is just another fee you can do without. Inspec Homes custom web application includes almost every feature that is included with ISN and it even includes some that it does not have, and best of all it's included with your royalty fee. There is no need to learn another outside system and pay more for something you do not really need. Our web app has all the best features, plus we have added our own custom features to give you a truly comprehensive web application. Some or the other features included with you royalty fee are

Personal Inspec Homes Email account with google
Google Business Drive Account
Online Payment Platform
Inspection schedule with Automatic directions and contact information at your fingertips
Automated, email reminders, receipts, report sending, payment collections and deposits
Accounting reports and receipts for the home inspector
High ranking SEO website
Automatic review generation
Continuous Improvement of features and functionality of Website
Support from our team of experienced home inspectors

Royalty Fee Drop When You become A Certified Master Home Inspector


It is our goal that every Inspec Homes home inspection franchise owner becomes a master certified home inspector with InterNachi. This will typically take between 3 to 5 years and is accomplished by completing 1000 paid home inspections and completing a test with InterNachi. Once you have successfully become a certified master home inspector the royalty fee drops to 8% (5% plus 3% payment processing fees) and you have the option to become a home inspection trainer with Inspec homes. We believe this tiered approach to the royalty fee is only fair. When you start out as a home inspector you will need much more support from the rest of the team, but as your knowledge and experience grows you become independent and start helping others grow.

Income Potential For A Franchise Home Inspector

$150,000 PER YEAR

This is the big question on everyone's mind and the short answer is a top performing franchise home inspector with Inspec Homes can earn up to and over $150,000 per year. However, it is not as simple as signing up and instantly making this much income. Every inspector grows at their own pace, and we typically don’t see home inspection franchisee’s making $100,000 per year until around 3 years. As franchisee’s gain knowledge and experience and become certified master home inspectors, typically around year 4 or 5, they start hitting their true income potential. We want to be honest here, there are no shortcuts, we work hard to grow our home inspection franchisee’s and we want hard working people to join our team. Establishing yourself and as a successful master home inspector will yield lucrative results.