Home Inspector Bowmanville Pedro Giogana wearing his mask and PPE gear for COVID 19 home inspections

Home Inspectors Get COVID-19 Ready For Home Inspections with Proper Personal Protection Equipment

APR 12, 2020

Good morning everyone and hope everyone is safe at home and doing what is needed to ensure and help to stop this virus as soon as possible to get back to our normal lives. As some of you know, we are an essential business and I am ready with all the personal equipment to ensure that everyone is safe in case HOME INSPECTIONS are required and avoid the spread of this virus.

We need to work together during these hard times and try to help each other and keep our economy and lives going in a safe and responsible way for Buyers, Sellers and of course the amazing REAL ESTATE AGENTS (essential business) making sure they all get done properly and in a timely manner. I don't look the greatest in this suit but what can I say, I am not handsome at all unless you are crazy in love like my wife, so you are not missing anything at all

Be safe and let's work together doing our part to put all this COVID19 behind us

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