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Home Inspectors Issue Cold Weather Alert!

SEP 22, 2017

Winter is coming and with it water damage. I see it every year, people forget to shut off and drain the water supply to their hose bibs. As seem in the picture a slow leak caused ice to build up and around the the hose bib. This can cause the pipes to burst and when the weather warms up the flooding starts. If you don't fix problems like this they can lead to major flooding in your home. As p...

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Home Inspectors with Thermal Imagers See More

SEP 22, 2017

While doing a home inspection in Keswick I noticed something strange on my thermal imager (see picture) you notice these things all to often during home inspections and it makes me wonder how home inspectors who don't use thermal imagers find problems like this. The floor in this case was not wet, in fact in was barely damp, but the cooling effect of water evaporating from the ground wasn't...